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Below you’ll find a mock press release I created for AZpop.

WhatsApp passed 2 billion users in February 2020, and over 95% of Internet users (over 120M people) use WhatsApp in Brazil. In countries like Brazil, India, Spain, and Italy, WhatsApp is the go-to communication platform, but there’s no streamlined way to find the WhatsApp contact information for businesses and professionals. AZpop aims to solve this problem with its mobile app, which works like a modern Yellow Pages for WhatsApp.

SÃO PAULO – September 24, 2020: AZpop announced it surpassed 600,000 downloads, making it the leading search platform in Brazil for the WhatsApp contact of professionals and businesses.

Despite its huge popularity around the world, WhatsApp does not have any discoverability feature. In countries like Brazil and India, where people are used to chatting inside WhatsApp for everything, not being able to quickly and efficiently find the WhatsApp contact of a business or professional you might need is a serious problem!

AZpop developed a mobile app that allows users to search for anything, and it will list professionals and businesses close to the user that are available to chat on WhatsApp. A single click is all it takes to start the WhatsApp conversation with the desired professionals or businesses. The app also includes images and user reviews about each professional or business, and specific promotions offered by those merchants.

Daniel Scocco, co-founder and CEO of the company, said the idea was born out of frustration with the available options: “Whenever I needed a plumber or someone to fix my air conditioning it was time-consuming and cumbersome to get the WhatsApp contact of such professionals. Google, for example, provides mostly websites and landline phones. We decided to create AZpop to solve our problem and because we knew many other people felt the same way.”

The mobile app is only available in Brazil right now but the company plans to start its international expansion early in 2021. Users in Brazil can start using the product by downloading AZpop on Google Play or on the App Store. A web version is also available on

“It saved my life!”, said Rodrigo Alves, an user of the app. “I run a small logistics company and one of our trucks broke down in a distant city. Within five minutes I was already chatting with 3 truck mechanics in that city and closed the deal for one of them to fix our truck.”

Visit (Portuguese) to get more information and to find the download links for the Android and iOS versions of the app.


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