Why Startups Fail

The guys from CBInsights published a very interesting collection of startup post mortems. They basically compiled a list with posts from startup founders and investors where they talk about the reasons their startups died. The list has 101 startups now, and they seem to be updating it regularly. Here’s the link: 101 Startup Failure Post-Mortems […]

3 Reasons to Donate Part of Your Earnings Every Year

Around six years ago I read an article where the author (I wish I could remember who it was, but I can’t) said that every year he would donate 10% of his overall earnings. Not only that. He claimed that since he started donating money, his earnings had increased a lot, every single year, and […]

Should You Really Move Your Startup to San Francisco?

As a tech entrepreneur, one of my goals/dreams is to move to the San Francisco Bay Area, and I have both practical and emotional reasons to feel that way. On the emotional side, it just seems awesome to live at the heart of Silicon Valley, where most of the tech stuff we use daily was […]